• Twisp River Pub (map)
  • 201 Washington Hwy 20
  • Twisp, WA 98856

A Methow Conservancy Special Program 

Join Audubon Washington, the North Central WA Audubon chapter, and renowned conservation photographer Dave Showalter for a tour through the heart of the sagebrush sea.  His images carry you through the vast terrain that is inhabited by burrowing owls, sage grouse, sandhill cranes and other wildlife. Sage Spirit promotes an inclusive approach to conservation - one that seeks to preserve economic livelihood and treasured lifestyles as well as a priceless ecosystem - and highlights the solutions that Westerners are already advancing, from sustainable ranching to renewable energy development. Showalter will present photos and stories to inspire conversation about the importance of shrub steppe habitat and public lands in Eastern Washington. The gradual disappearance of sagebrush habitat in the West is having a profound effect on a wide variety of wildlife species such as the Brewer’s Sparrow, Sage Sparrow, Sage Thrasher, pygmy rabbit, and mule deer. 

Doors open at 6pm and food and drink will be available for purchase.